Thursday, October 30, 2008


we could make it to st. catherine's in 10 minutes flat. "three-legging", we called it. each morning, in the early eighties, two west denver school girls, in starched peter pan collars and plaid jumpers, double knotted themselves together, without question, and walked to school. past the houses of smelly old ladies and perverts, we'd chug, until we got to the main intersection where martha-the-crosswalk-lady would greet us with half smile, half disapproving stare. our sweat drenched arms would ache from being draped over each other and we'd fall to the ground, desperately trying to untangle ourselves before the final bell.

it's been 26 years since we've been that close. sometimes when we are out with your family having dinner, i get the urge to reach under the table and tie us up so tight that we'd never lose each other again.

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