Tuesday, January 11, 2011

happy birthday

dear aaron,

remember when we used to eat at bennigan's and then hump with our clothes fully on? i can still feel the steam rising onto the old 'cedes windows. and, oh god, your freshman roommate at yale with nothing but that poster of the mushroom cloud above his bed. that was the year before i took the train from grand central and arrived at your homecoming wearing those pink slippers. you had that splitting headache and it made you grumpy to see claire danes just sitting on that old couch. sometimes i think about that night we lay down in front of your parent's house, heads on the curb, and made up our own constellations. and by the way, i'm still miffed at you for breaking up with me on thanksgiving...who does that?

but cheers, pass the gravy.



p.s. i hope l.a. isn't biting too hard.

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