Wednesday, January 7, 2009

gregory abbott: shake you down

the scene is the cafeteria of angevine middle school. i'm 13 and slow dancing to this song with leonard walmsley, an eighth grader, who clearly ate some old spice before coming to the party. my arms are resting on his shoulders; his hands on my hips. we're doing the side to side shuffle and look not unlike patients in a psych ward awaiting their meds. dude, can we just talk about how long 4:10 is when the lyrics are saying things like: girl i want to shake you down, we'll go all the way to heaven. those kids in the 60's sure had it easy with those fast songs that last for 1:26. but points for gregory's use of the word telepathy in a song.

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robyn said...

Ah, Leonard. I remember him well. (Actually, no, I don't. Is that an alias, or am I a total loser? I even checked the yearbooks! Wait - I AM a total loser!)

I remember dancing with Tim Smith to "Next Time I Fall In Love" by Peter Cetera and Amy Grant. I had such a crush on that boy.