Friday, July 4, 2008

word up

i saw lisa bonet breast feeding her child this morning. not your typical site, even for boulder. immediately i was flooded with a wide range of emotions and i found myself wanting to thank her for everything from the home design tip of the windowpane-on-chains partition in her apartment in the movie 'high fidelity', to her very necessary break up from lenny kravitz in the late nineties that resulted in 'mama said', the finest album of that decade. (nirvana fans chillax.) oh, and the kicker, her husband was seated right next to her and he was totally trying to pull a lenny. like that's even possible.

if any man is wondering how high the bar has been set when it comes to admitting you've been a total dumb ass, have a look:

and even he was too little, to late.

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