Monday, July 14, 2008

in yo face: part 1 of 5

so i am taking my friend, who shall remain faceless, up on a dare. i have long been against facebook because i believe it to be a time waster and an artificial way to be a friend. but, i am throwing caution to the digital wind and am trying to secure 500 friends by the end of the month. if i get there i win! more to come later. here are the highlights so far:

6:47 pm i create my profile.

6:56 pm my freshman year roommate writes on my wall to welcome me.

7:14 pm a noted new york times dining editor writes a letter of apology stating she doesn't have a facebook account.

7:17 pm next door neighbor of ten years ago, and maker of great lasagna, invites me to be his friend.

7:22 pm colleague who won't take my calls accepts my invitation to be her friend.

7:47 pm an ex client became a facebook member so that they could write me.

7:54 pm a family friend who wants to open up a dog museum added me as a friend.

7:59 pm someone named peter knutson just became my friend.

8:04 pm a chef in mexico writes to say, "hola!".

8:34 pm this guy is now my friend:

i'm on overload.

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