Wednesday, May 28, 2008



happy birthday, my dear. i am so glad you sent me this picture so that i could have a current one for this blog entry. it was just twelve short years ago that you picked me up and took me for a hike with chelsea. well, that sweet dog is long gone. so is what's his name. and then there's always him. you know, him? we are soooo over "him".

the course of a decade brings many life changes. and many hairstyles for that matter. but one thing has proven itself time and time again: you make a wonderful friend.

not only are you hilarious and vivacious to a fault, you have one of the most incredible vocabularies out there.( you know the way to my heart girl.) i admire you for sticking with your dream to own a business through thick and thin (the little engine that could!) not just because of my great fashion benefits, but because you showed all of us that it could be done. i know katy close would say the same.

i also admire you for not settling on the wrong dude. think about it. you could be living in russia with a dog hating man.
i mean, that was a close one.

when i talk with the girls about what makes you so great, we all seem to come to the same conclusion: you're just magic. you're the pied piper, the sage, the original mamabird. you have this light and energy about you that makes everyone want to be in your glow. you're .e.f. hutton, baby. and we're listening.

elaine summed it up best when she said, "that girl is so fucking rad."

i will always be here for you: for 1000 long distance minutes, 1000 lemon martinis, for 1000 cranes. whatever. i'm here.



now go watch some e.t.

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