Tuesday, April 22, 2008

happy birthday

today marks the 4th birthday of the kitchen and 3 1/2 years of d i s h publicity. i put the kitchen first because one couldn't have happened without the other. and to me, there is no real discernable difference between the two. true, i have many clients and i love them all, but the kitchen was my first crush. i still cannot believe that i beat out every other agency in the state (and with a four month old asleep on my shoulder!) to do their pr.

the kitchen is beautiful in so many ways. the way the light changes throughout the day, the way the chef's create dishes for harper as she goes through her strange eating spells, the way they sell me wine at cost.

mostly i think i love the kitch so much because it represents for me the start of my big thing...the day someone else recognized in me what i've known all along, that i can do it.

oh and the food fucking rocks.

happy birthday to us.


Kimbal said...

Happy Birthday Kate, from all of us at The Kitchen. You rock!


kate said...

thanks kimbal! i had no idea you read my blog. i'll have to be extra south african now...