Monday, January 10, 2011

cali swag district: teach me how to dougie

dear cali swag district,

try as i might, i can't get behind the dougie. after a thorough examination of this video, it seems that you need to be more explicit with your moves... 'cause right now it just looks like flow with a touch of the wedding chicken dance.




Susan said...

I knew I was thirty when I went to a bar where girls were doing the dougie and I said, "Look it's the roger rabbit!" To which these early twenty-something girls said "The whaaaa?" Even my insults were lost on them.

Glenn H. Truitt said...

I try to weave in old skool dance moves (running man, Roger Rabbit, Cabbage Patch, etc.) into my otherwise standard line-dancing... the number of people who are amused by this continued to dwindle - and consists mostly of the "cougar" crowd, staring into their drinks and reminiscing about days when Real McCoy was on the Top 40...